Readership Our publications reach decision-makers in every segment of the printed circuit board industry.

Circulation by the Numbers

Each sector has a dedicated website and supporting newsletter featuring industry specific news and original, technical content.  In addition, the main segments of the market, PCB, SMT and Design, also offer a traditionally designed magazine, delivered in an easy to access, electronic format.

Our Strategy

Here’s the strategy: not only do we offer broad market coverage, we also spotlight communities within the core disciplines of PCB Design, PCB Fabrication, and EMS/Assembly by providing additional, focused publications. This enables our customers reach a more specific target audience. For example, to reach members of the flexible circuit community, we offer a dedicated newsletter and a corresponding site focused on just flexible circuits. Other options, including Mil/Aero and the Chinese industry markets are also available.

Our goal with these specialized publications isn't to just grow our circulation but to reach and provide the best, dedicated content to just those members of these respective disciplines.